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Who finds homes: agents or clients?

The Wheel Estate Cam: Episode 20

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Episode 20: Is it still the role of agents to find the right homes for their clients?Frank LLosa, of Frankly Realty in Virginia, says agents typically play a far lesser role in home-finding these days -- a result of improved online search tools for consumers."That role of having to wake up in the morning and having a list of three or four customers, and doing manual searches for each of them and sending them off -- that's not the way I work."He adds, "People don't want me to send them what I think is a pretty house because I have completely different tastes than most other people. To constantly be sending them stuff just doesn't seem efficient."Comment below to share your thoughts. Watch past episodes of the Wheel Estate Cam.Frank Borges LLosa is the broker, founder and owner of, a real estate brokerage in Falls Church, Va. He is the creator of the Trust Me I'm a Realtor blog and multiple listing service wiki site You can foll...