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Launching a foreclosure-prevention road show

Chase Bank to offer loan-mod, short-sale information to attendees

Chase Bank will host multiday foreclosure prevention counseling events in eight markets across the country, the company announced Wednesday. The events will occur over the next five months and the first one will be held in Chicago from May 13-17. Events for Atlanta and Washington, D.C., will follow in June. Dates for the remaining markets -- New York, Northern California, Orlando, Phoenix, and Southern California -- have not yet been announced. Struggling homeowners with Chase mortgages will be able to obtain counseling, including assistance in applying for a loan modification or arranging a short sale. Borrowers can also drop off documents required under a trial loan modification and sign final loan modification documents. Many of the up to 40 counselors who will participate in the events are based in the 51 Chase Homeownership Centers nationwide, the company said. "Chase began opening the centers in early 2009 to provide face-to-face counseling to ho...