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Understanding the Gen Y gender gap

Demographics hold clues to real estate divide

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Most real estate professionals are aware that Millennials as a group are more tech-savvy and diverse than their forebearers. They are also fond of suburbs, and a sense of community is important to them. For demographers, these young 20-somethings are endlessly fascinating for another reason, however: the Gen Y gender gap. In the average metropolitan market, single women in their 20s are earning 105 percent of what their single male counterparts are bringing in, according to James Chung, a speaker at this week's Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco. Chung is the founder of New York-based strategy and research firm Reach Advisors and co-author of "Demographics: A Glimpse into the Postcrash Environment," an article that appeared in Urban Land Magazine in March. See related article:Suburbs are the future of homeownership Single women are "beating the pants off" single men in urban areas, Chung said. Women still ea...