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3 social media mistakes agents and brokers make

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I consider myself someone who is "in the thick of it" in terms of social media. I manage all the social media channels for Inman News, and because of that I always keep one eye on what real estate agents and brokerages are doing in the social media world.I currently follow about 500 real estate pages and about 400-500 real estate professionals on Twitter, plus I have another 200-300 LinkedIn real estate connections. Through all of these "connections" I get a bird's-eye view on who is really mastering this marketing tool. As you all know, simply creating an account on Facebook or Twitter rarely equates to being plugged in. The most common reason for not spending time on developing a social media strategy is that real estate agents and brokers fear there will be little to no return on investment and that, frankly, "It's just too much work," or "I don't have the time." Here are three common mistakes that I see real estate agents ...