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Real estate video: Mac vs. PC

Perspective: Don't buy what you don't need

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Editor's note: This video is republished with permission of Michael Krisa, aka That Interview Guy, and Real Estate Unplugged TV. View the original video here.By MICHAEL KRISA There is a wave of excitement and confusion over a new tool that more and more agents have discovered ... it's called video. Now before you say that shooting your own video is too hard, too expensive and anything else that starts with a "too" ... hear me out. The cost of entry level video cameras is dirt cheap, the software to edit video is relatively easy to use and the return on your investment is huge! The problem though is which route to take: PC or Mac? Both have distinct advantages and shortfalls when it comes to video and overall performance. In this video I dare to offer my opinion and I know it will make some diehards angry . Before you shell out hard-earned bucks on hardware, watch this video and then make your own informed decison. Copyright 2010 Real Estate Unplugged TV Con...