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Plurchase offers shared real estate search

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Silicon Valley tech startup Plurchase has launched a collaborative housing search website add-on, the company announced recently. The Plurchase product is a sidebar that website owners can install to allow their users to shop for homes with whomever they like, whether it be their real estate agent, spouse or friend. Users invite others via through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. They can then share listings, chat, see what friends are looking at, keep notes, and vote on listings in real time. "It keeps a sorted shopping list for you, so you can see a full-page view of all the properties you're considering, sorted by votes. The purpose of this feature is to replace the confusing jumble of e-mails or spreadsheets or Word documents people currently use to track listings," said Jeff Ferber, founder of Plurchase.The cost of Plurchase for site owners is a few cents per user session, Ferber said. "We'll put them in pricing tiers (e.g., 1,000 sessions for $25 per month), b...