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An online tool for in-person gatherings

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Continuing the thread of digital tools that help you meet in the analog world, this week let's take a look at Similar in some ways to the event organizing software Eventbrite, is for, well, organizing a meet-up. focuses on the social nature of groups as it's main organizing feature. Instead of focusing on one-off events, Meetup is designed to help you manage a face-to-face community that will get together more than once. Typically, Meetup groups are organized around a specific topic or cause: software user groups, book clubs, hiking clubs, foreign language groups, and so on. If people are going to spend actual face-to-face time they like to know what the purpose is. As with the other bringing-it-offline tools I've been covering lately, if you are good at setting appointments or doing other business development when you're meeting people face to face, Meetup might be a useful addition to your marketing practices. Using Meetup to meet people...