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A new wrinkle in time management

Think: Seasons, cycles and events

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As we pass through the shortest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (and the longest in the Southern Hemisphere) I figured it might be worthwhile to write a column about time. Time isn't something we normally think about in relation to software and other digital stuff. Perhaps in the same way that high-tech fabric makes it easier to be outdoors in cold times of the year, digital tools are often hyped with the promise of making more out of our limited time. But no fancy winter coat will take the bite out of a windy February day in Edgeley, N.D. And no marketing-focused software is going to add hours to the day or put weeks back on the calendar. In a strategic sense, time is one of those resources to be managed. But there's a lot of different kinds of time out there. Let's talk about time and technology in a couple of ways that relate to real estate marketing. Seasonal time Most every real estate market has a season of some sort. In four-season climates there's pr...