Be a real estate strategist for your clients

Perspective: Secure a place in buyers' and sellers' future moves

Today’s marketplace demands more than the basic requirements from Realtors. It requires investigation when you meet with a new buyer. It requires strategic thinking.

Many buyers are well educated when they enter home-sale transactions. They know what properties are selling for, what is active, what’s under contract, what the numbers mean, and how to analyze the market. They know what is happening today.

As real estate professionals, your market knowledge of yesterday has to be from a "shifts and trends" standpoint. More important to your long-term strategy, though, is your outlook for tomorrow. I do not mean speculation — you need to know about your clients’ future plans.

Too often we limit our client discussions to the deals: where things stand, how to put a deal together, and how to close the deal. Getting this far usually takes nuance. Getting beyond it takes an equal effort, if not more.