The power of real estate technology: good and evil

The Past 15 Years of Real Estate Tech: Q-and-A with Robert X. Cringely

Fifteen years ago, Inman News founder and publisher Brad Inman brought together technologists and real estate professionals for the first-ever Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco. Inman News is taking a look at how much has changed in technology and real estate since the event’s launch, and is reaching out to individuals who played a role in the early days of Connect.

Robert X. "Bob" Cringely is a tech personality who wrote a technology column from 1987-95 for InfoWorld, has been self-described as a "sex symbol, airplane enthusiast and adventurer" and more recently as "author, raconteur, TV personality, and pizza delivery specialist." He hosted a PBS special, "Triumph of the Nerds," which premiered in 1996, and later wrote a weekly column, "I, Cringely," for You can find his latest technological musings at

Cringely served as the first keynote speaker during the 1997 debut of the Real Estate Connect event in San Francisco.

He responded to a set of questions posed by Inman News:

Q: What was most unexpected to you about how technology has transformed the real estate industry in the last 15 years, or has technology has transformed society in general?