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Real Estate Tech Review: PercentMobile

With all the news about Apple and Android making databases of your location, I figured it’d be a great week to look at a mobile-specific Web analytics tool: PercentMobile.

Sure, most capable Web analytics packages do a good job of handling mobile visits already, but it’s nice to look around and see what would happen if someone approached monitoring mobile traffic from the ground up.

PercentMobile installs just like any other Web analytics package: via a bit of javascript that you put on your website. Once installed, PercentMobile starts tracking mobile devices with advanced browsers (aka the iPhone or Android). But it will also start gathering data on the more than 3,000 types of other mobile phones.

That "non-advanced" phone market for many areas is pretty big. PercentMobile is betting that if you knew more about them you might change the way you do some of your online stuff.

And since it has a giant database of all those non-smartphones and their capabilities, the company is in a good spot to present the complete mobile picture to you.