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8 ways to engage with Gen X, Y real estate clients and agents

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What does it take to work effectively with the next generation of buyers, sellers and agents? The first step is adjusting your lens to see the world their way.

At my recent Awesome Females in Real Estate conference, Cary Sylvester, executive director of technology for Keller Williams (a Gen Xer), and Michelle Holt, director of marketing for (a Gen Yer), tackled the topic of how to work effectively with Gen X and Gen Y clients and agents. Here are eight key insights.

1. It's not about the money
Holt is an excellent example of the Gen Y mindset. She left a high-powered job at USB working with high-net-worth individuals (mostly CEOs of oil companies) and moved to because she wanted a job that gave her more freedom to express her creativity.

Holt says that Gen X and Gen Y expect their workplace to be fun and engaging. They also expect a meritocracy based upon their performance. Because their income is t...