Moroccan-style mansion for sale in Houston

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Location: Houston
Price: $8.9 million
The Skinny: After a tipster slipped us a link to this Moroccan mansion in Texas, we checked and rechecked the location. Surely, this convincing replica couldn’t be planted in conservative Houston, but yes, it was — all 20,000 square feet of it. In the inner courtyard, vistors wouldn’t be blamed for thinking they were ensconced in a Marrakech manse, with tile detailing, fountains, and no view of neighboring McMansions. With eight bedrooms, eight baths, two guest houses, pool cabanas, and a petting zoo, this palace isn’t without its extravagances. The owners brought in an authentic Moroccan architecture firm, Arabesque Moresque, to design the unique structure.

Source: Houston Association of Realtors

View the original item at "Moroccan-Style Manse Might Make Houston Neighbors Wince," by Rob Bear.

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