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Predicting a real estate agent’s sales success

4 behavioral styles analyzed

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What does it take to succeed at the highest levels of politics? Surprisingly, it may be the same combination of traits that is associated with real estate sales success.

As a psychologist, I have always been interested in behavioral style and how it provides a mirror through which we can examine both our own behaviors as well as those of our clients.

As the 2012 presidential race heats up, here's a fun look at some past and present candidates, my quick assessment of their preferred behavioral styles, and some lessons learned for those of us in the real estate industry.

While I'm not a big fan of most psychological testing simply due to the amount of statistical error, I am a fan of Target Training International's "DISC" assessment, which can be a relatively accurate predictor of sales success. The DISC assessment evaluates four key behavioral styles.

1. "D" is for dominance
The person who score...