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State-by-state list of most-searched real estate prices data reveals median, average list prices in online searches

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Visitors to popular real estate search site in August were most likely to search for homes listed at higher price points than the U.S. median price.

The median list price of properties viewed at was $214,990 in August, reported, which is about 28 percent higher than the U.S. median price of single-family resale homes sold that month, according to National Association of Realtors data.

A home’s list price, of course, can vary greatly from its selling price, based on a variety of factors including local market conditions.

In each of 34 states and in Washington, D.C., visitors to the site in August viewed for-sale homes with a median list price above the August national median price of $168,400.

Washington, D.C., topped the list with the highest median list price of homes viewed at in August, at $459,000. Michigan, meanwhile, had the lowest median list price of homes viewed in August, at $134,900.

The following is a list of states ranked by the highest median list price of homes viewed to the lowest median list price of homes viewed at in August:

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Median List Price of For-Sale Homes Viewed at in August, by State (ranked from highest median list price to lowest median list price)

State Med. list price of homes viewed
U.S. $214,990
Washington, D.C. $459,000
Hawaii $450,000
New Jersey $349,500
California $339,900
Massachusetts $339,900
Connecticut $299,900
Maryland $289,900
Rhode Island $279,900
New York $275,000
Virginia $275,000
Colorado $259,900
Washington $259,900
Delaware $249,900
Alaska $249,000
Oregon $249,000
Vermont $239,000
Utah $234,900
New Hampshire $234,000
Montana $229,900
Maine $224,900
New Mexico $219,000
Illinois $215,900
North Carolina $215,000
Wyoming $215,000
Pennsylvania $209,000
Texas $199,000
Louisiana $195,500
South Carolina $189,900
Idaho $185,900
Wisconsin $185,000
Tennessee $179,950
Minnesota $179,900
Georgia $174,900
Alabama $169,900
Florida $169,900
South Dakota $165,900
Arizona $165,000
North Dakota $164,995
Arkansas $164,900
Mississippi $164,900
Missouri $162,500
Kentucky $159,900
Ohio $159,900
Oklahoma $159,900
Kansas $158,500
West Virginia $154,900
Iowa $150,000
Indiana $150,000
Nevada $147,000
Nebraska $142,000
Michigan $134,900