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Top Producer launches cloud-based mobile service

HTML5 Web app accessible to all devices

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Smartphone and mobile device users can now access Top Producer's popular customer relationship management (CRM) tools through a Web-based application employing HTML5, a next-generation Web programming standard.The Top Producer CRM Web app automatically adjusts and resizes to accommodate the user's device, and the "app-like interface" can take advantage of touch-screen capabilities like tapping, scrolling, pinching and swiping."This is not just a Web page on these devices," said President Errol Samuelson. "The things you normally do on an iPhone, you can do in HTML5."HTML5 is the latest version of the "hypertext markup language" used to design website content. Its ability to deliver video, audio and interactive content to mobile devices that don't support Flash -- including Apple's iPhone and iPad -- has also been touted as an advantage in building better real estate websites.Samuelson said there are several advantages to offering mobi...