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Move Inc. survey shows less pent-up seller demand

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The number of homeowners who delayed selling because of the real estate market has declined slightly in the last 18 months, suggesting the pending supply of "visible" homes is stabilizing, operator Move Inc. said in releasing the results of a national housing survey.The telephone survey of 1,000 adults, conducted Oct. 7-9, revealed that 17.5 percent of homeowners had put off a sale in the last 12 months because of market conditions. That's down from the 19.2 percent who said the same thing in a survey conducted a year and a half ago.More homeowners 35-49 had delayed a sale (22 percent), and those making $40,000 to $49,000 a year were also more likely to be waiting for market conditions to improve (21 percent).If prices went up 20 percent, 55.4 percent of homeowners said they'd be motivated to sell, down from 61.6 percent of those surveyed in June 2009.The decline in this measure of "pending price-motivated inventory" suggests many owners may have sold wh...