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5 real estate tech stressors you can do without in 2012

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It's that time of year. Over the next few weeks all of your favorite online publications will start trying to outlist each other with all the best things of last year or super-important things for next year. It's going to be "10 best" this and "eight worst" that, and so on. Call it "Listember" -- the season of lists. This column will be no different. Since I know the readership of this column is constantly bombarded with messages about what they have to do in order to stay current, or what they must try or deploy or add to their digital life in order to be complete, I'm going to focus on letting some things go. If you're really going to adopt any of the super-important stuff that everyone is telling you will be oh so fashionable come 2012, you're going to need time to play with it. You won't be able to keep doing what you're doing today and pick up all the new stuff. Unless you happen to have another 15 to 20 hours in your schedule. So let's c...