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Top 10 markets for real estate bargains

Trulia identifies cities with biggest markdowns

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Editor's note: This article is reposted with permission of Trulia. View the original item: "Trulia's Top 10 Cities and Homes for Extreme Bargain Shoppers" By Truliablog If you've been watching TLC's "Extreme Couponing," then you know that it is very possible to buy a thousand dollars worth of groceries and household supplies for mere pennies with coupons. In the most extreme of cases, the store could be handing the buyer cash on their way out! It's crazy to watch these men and women go home with carts and carts full of merchandise for such great deals…almost makes you wish you could use coupons when you buy real estate. Well, guess what - in some cities, sellers have cut their list price so much that you're practically getting a discount on top of a discount. For example, you can get a 40 percent discount on a $50K house in Detroit, MI, lower the cost to a bargain bin price of $30K. In the spirit of holiday shopping and bargaining, we've  identified...