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Home among cacti: a desert gem

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Editor's note: This article is reposted with permission of Zillow. View the original item: "House of the Week: Desert Nomad Home" By Erika Riggs Images/ Address: 6353 W Sweetwater Dr, Tucson, Ariz. List price: $875,000 On the outskirts of Tucson, settled among sagebrush and desert rock, is a home that doesn't fit the traditional adobe aesthetic of the Southwest. Three rusted steel boxes form a unique home that the current owner, Walter Cecil, refers to as the "Desert Nomad Home." Cecil, an art dealer based in San Francisco, purchased the home in the beginning stages of construction, but is quick to say that architect Rick Joy is responsible for the design. "When I bought it, it was just a steel shell. I bought his vision," explained Cecil. "I cannot take any credit for what the architecture is. It's his genius." The Desert Nomad House is an active listing on the Tucson real estate market, is currently priced at $87...