6 steps to grow your real estate business in 2012

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Have you been struggling with the tough recessionary market? If you want stellar success in 2012, now is an excellent time to alter those pie-in-the-sky plans and dreams so they also include simple, small steps that you can take on a daily basis. How many times in 2011 did you find yourself daydreaming about that one big commission that would take the financial pressure off of you? While plenty of people dream of the big win, those who actually turn their dreams into reality often take an entirely different path. Successful people narrow their focus and take small, specific steps each day to make their dreams a reality. When you rely on the one big deal and it doesn't work out, it can be a disaster for your business. In contrast, when you consistently take small steps, a minor misstep will likely be of little or no consequence to your business. While thinking big is great, where most people miss the mark is when they fail to take the small action steps each day that lead ...