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ThingLink makes images interactive on Facebook

New tool brings audio, video, music, other features to digital photos

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A new interactive Facebook image tool allows users to add responsive features to images like video, music, voice and other images. Developer of interactive image tools ThingLink, founded in 2008, released its ThingLink Tabs tool Wednesday that brings its application to Facebook.The added features show up over an image as small bull's-eyes that expand when rolled over and play or display in a small pop-up over the image. ThingLink's image tags, which can be placed anywhere on an image, work with a variety of applications, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Facebook and Flickr, among others. The tabs can also hold text and links.A ThingLink Plus account ($5 a month) provides users with access to the tool for one Facebook page and up to 500 images. A ThingLink Pro account (for $20 a month) gets you access to five Facebook pages and unlimited images. Examples of the new tool are available on ThingLink Chief Marketing Officer Neil Vineberg's Tumblr page. See it in action, too, ...