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Navigating real estate relationship waters

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Editor's note: This article is reposted with permission of Zillow. View the original item: "How to Break Up With Your Real Estate Agent" By BRENDON DeSIMONEThe road to buying or selling a home is often a long one. Along the way, you may discover that your relationship with your real estate agent just isn't working anymore. Maybe the agent is moving faster than you'd like. Or the agent is not as available as you need the agent to be. Maybe the agent just "doesn't get you." Now what? Is it OK to break up with your real estate agent? And if so, how can you gracefully end it? The answer depends on whether you're working with an agent as a buyer or a seller. Advice for buyers Real estate agents earn their commissions from sellers, which are split between listing agents (who represent sellers) and buyer's agents. As a general rule, as a buyer, you won't be asked to enter into a contractual or financial agreement with a real estate agent.T...