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U.S. economy is spectator sport in election year

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This week brought a lot of new economic information. Raw data is always spun by analysis, sometimes for reasons of advantage in driving clients to buy or sell things, sometimes to further theories, and often for politics. But this time is exceptional, cubed. Global economies have never been in situations like these, and thus neither have central bankers, economists and analysts. Reporters cannot tell when sources are spinning, straight or bent. I vacillate between the anger of a citizen done wrong by political leadership, exasperation with dumbed-down media, and rage at the amorality of colleagues in markets, utterly dependent on market health but undermining them for the slightest advantage. Today ... compassion, even for those unfortunate branches of humanity. The biggest news: the net addition of 227,000 jobs in February, and a 61,000 positive revision to the December-through-January sum. That's good news, and crowing by the party in power is justified. However, all is ...