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In real estate, use the right words at the right time

Those phrases we choose speak volumes

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Why do we lose sales we should make? Because we can't sell? I don't think so. We are not selling cars. We show homes. If our prospect likes the home enough, he may buy it, with or without our closing skills. Could it be we don't show the right homes? Possibly. Could it have been something we said or the way we said it? Bingo! We are commission salespeople. We make our living by our words. We don't learn a trade. We trade words with prospects and are paid for doing so. Or get paid nothing if the prospects decide not to buy the home using our services because they did not like trading words with us. The right words at the right time can make or lose the listing or sale. It happens every day and it happens to everyone in sales. Too many times it is not the words we express to a prospect -- it is the words we express about ourselves -- that hurt the most. Words like: "I will do it tomorrow.""I don't need to learn that.""I just can't help these people."...