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NabeWise moseys into New Orleans

Nearly 100 neighborhoods added to search site

Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a website that matches consumers with neighborhoods that fit their lifestyle, has expanded to New Orleans, adding nearly 100 neighborhoods to the site.NabeWise allows users to search neighborhoods by character traits, such as "quiet" or "trendy"; by concentrations of people, such as "seniors" or "students"; and by things to do, such as shopping and dining. Users can also narrow down their search by median home price or rent. The site first launched at Real Estate Connect in New York City in January 2010 and, by popular vote, won the conference's "Start-Up Shoot-Out" competition. At the time, NabeWise covered neighborhoods in New York City and San Francisco. NabeWise now offers rankings, reviews and other information for neighborhoods in 23 major U.S. markets: Atlanta; Austin, Texas; the Boston metro area; the Chicago metro; the Dallas metro; Denver; the San Francisco Bay Area's East Bay; the Fort Worth, Texas, metro; Long...