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Listing syndication is not a moral issue

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I was meeting with a friend of mine who works in real estate. Our conversation, as so many real estate conversations do, drifted into the whole issue of listing syndication. You know the drill: Trulia, Zillow,, MLS listings on competitors' sites, and so on. You also know the various arguments that take place around these practices. It's good for consumers. It's bad for consumers. It's good for brokers. It's bad for brokers. It's good for agents. It's bad for agents. And so on. It seems that everyone has a feeling about syndication and has been having that feeling out loud for about five or so years. My friend and I both agreed, however. We agreed that syndication is a distraction. Many of the syndication arguments end up being emotional. Some of them end up being moral. As in, you are a bad person if you do/don't syndicate. That's why it's such a hot button topic. No one likes to be told their business practice is immoral. No one who is in a service industry (for...