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RealDirect launches buyer service

Brokerage has represented NYC sellers since 2010

New York City buyers now have another local discount broker option. New York City-based discount brokerage RealDirect Inc., which began offering discount brokerage servicers to sellers in 2010, has launched a buyer service. Buyers and sellers working with RealDirect pay limited commissions based on more streamlined services, said Doug Perlson, co-founder and CEO of RealDirect. "Our goal is to make the process more efficient," Perlson said. RealDirect's hallmark has been the analytics it offers sellers that shows them where their advertising generates the best leads, helping them to maximize their advertising dollars. RealDirect is a member of New York City's multiple listing service-like organization -- the Real Estate Board of New York -- so its listings join the organization's listings pool. Conversely, its buyers have access to data for all of the group's listings. Sellers have two options to participate with RealDirect. They can manage the sale themselves (with RealD...