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Travel lightly on mobile

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Years ago, my sister-in-law, who was a Dominican nun, took road trips home with a few other nuns. Since Sister Sue took a vow of poverty, she brought no money along, except a pocket full of dimes, in case there was an emergency and she needed them for the pay phone. She used to say she "traveled lightly." When I was in college in Boston, I would hitchhike to New York City for the weekend to see a friend, a budding dancer with Martha Graham. I would take $20 and my driver's license (often the Connecticut Highway Patrol would harass me and a DL was necessary). There were no cell phones and no credit cards then. Recently, I was sitting in my living room and my son poked fun at me for the stack of devices sitting neatly on top of one another: MacBook Air, iPad, Kindle and iPhone. The little pyramid of modern devices fed the stereotype of the prosperous yuppie that my son's generation generally despises. This past Sunday, I resolved to travel lightly on a daylo...