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The real cost of social media

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With the help of a marketing professional with a doctorate in psychology, I am gradually overcoming what I thought was an incurable disease: socialmediaphobia. I fear what I don't understand, and I have not understood exactly what social media I needed, why I needed it or what it would cost. Fortunately, thanks to LinkedIn, a social media site known for its business contacts, I met someone who could help. Barbara Lemaire, owner of Social Media Made, invited me to connect with her on LinkedIn. When I saw that she was a Ph.D. with a website that said she was "first and foremost a marketing professional," I practically blurted out my concern about social media and its cost to operate. "What does a fundamental social media program for real estate agents look like and what does it cost? I keep reading about social media, but no one ever mentions price. Tell me, in order of importance, what you think, please."Lemaire said this: "They need, in or...