Cashing in on global real estate clients

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Would you like to close 50 percent more deals with the same amount of work that you do right now? If so, expanding your business to include a global clientele is one of the simplest ways to cash in on a very lucrative real estate niche. Due to the cultural and language differences, many agents find working with global clients to be intimidating. Nevertheless, global clients can be a gold mine for your business. To illustrate this point, only 33 percent of all domestic real estate clients ever close a deal. In contrast, 50 percent of all global clients close deals. This translates into closing 50 percent more deals with the same amount of work. This also explains why agents who work with global clients make 50 percent more on average than those who work exclusively with domestic clients. When working with global clients it's important to be familiar with the expectations that these clients share: 1. Low incidence of problems While Americans actually rank companies and sal...