Real estate workplace fatalities down 37 percent

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Fatal workplace injuries in the real estate industry have fallen to the lowest level since 2005, though assaults and other violent acts accounted for a rising share of deaths last year, according to preliminary figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday.In 2011, there were 40 workplace fatalities in a BLS-defined real estate industry subcategory. The subcategory includes lessors of real estate (landlords); real estate agents and brokers and others who work in brokerage offices; and those who conduct activities related to real estate, such as property managers and appraisers.The real estate subcategory is part of a more broadly defined "real estate and rental and leasing" BLS category in which there were a total of 60 fatal work injuries in 2011.The 40 real estate industry workplace injury fatalities identified by the BLS in 2011 were a decrease from 63 such fatalities in 2010 when they reached their highest level since at least 2003. Last year's fi...