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Make the mechanics of homebuying as easy as purchasing a latte

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By BRAD INMANBefore entering an open house, I swipe my iPhone on a tiny device operated by Square Inc., the mobile payment service. The device is attached to the front door of the home, like a lockbox. That swipe triggers two events: 1. A swarm of data is sent to my iPhone, including disclosures, neighborhood information, crime data, home value indices and detailed transaction history on the house. It is all rendered smartly in an app. 2. My swipe also uploads my personal account and financial information, including loan preapprovals and credit history. It all sits password-protected in the cloud in my home domain portfolio (HDP), which I control like I do my Dropbox account. The house information and my personal financial portfolio are mashed up and instantly prepopulate a purchase offer for the house, and preps a formal loan application. This information sits in a "pending event" area of my HDP, ready to be activated.The purchase offer includes a ...