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How to spot opportunities created by new technology

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We deal with an amazing variety of different digital devices every day. We have computers, laptops, cellphones, tablets and readers -- not to mention stuff we can't see or hold that resides inside of TVs, cars and who knows where else. There are bits of software residing in all of these things. For people who don't rely on technology to make their business run better, there's no real need to think about all of this digital stuff at all. They can simply turn it on and it works -- it may as well be magic. Purchase decisions are based on cost, basic functionality, and sending the right social signals about the user's status and beliefs. For those of us who use digital stuff to make our business run better, it's worth understanding how the ecosystem of digital stuff operates. Knowing how "digitalness" is expressed through tangible objects, intangible software and overarching technology themes gives us an advantage. Understanding the relationships between digital stuff allows us ...