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Budget deal must be president’s top priority

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The first week of every month brings the largest and freshest load of economic data. For once, don't pay attention to it for three reasons: the data do not show meaningful change; the most important data by far is overseas; and third… for the next month, politics matter more than anything. Before Tuesday evening, everybody could hear Brünnhilde warmin' up.At 6:57 p.m. Tuesday night my wife -- Bronx-born native Democrat, 25-years an RN delivering babies, women's rights combatant unimpressed by puffed-up males in white coats, as apolitical as I am a total junkie -- came to sit on the couch. She did not move for an hour and a half. I took out recycling, got some booze, read my book; she stayed put. She asked some questions about health care math, who Bowles and Simpson might be, but stayed glued to the show. Maybe one-third of the way in she observed, "Obama looks awful." A little past halfway, “If the election were tomorrow, I'd vote for Romney.” Kn...