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Failing to delegate can hurt bottom line

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Editor's note: This is the second of a five-part series. Read Part 1. Establishing strong systems is the first step in the SLAM (systems, leverage, attraction, mindset) model. Once your systems are in place, how can you leverage your time, opportunity and tools to skyrocket your real estate business to success? The SLAM model provides a simple road map to real estate success. Whether you are a brand-new agent or a 40-year veteran, improving your systems allows you to spend more time doing the dollar-productive activities that lead to more closed transactions. The dictionary definition of leverage is "to exert power or influence on; to use a quality or advantage to obtain a desired effect or result." A different way of thinking about leverage is to consider what a lever does: It allows you to increase the amount you could lift using a fulcrum as opposed to trying to lift the weight directly. That's what leverage does in terms of your real estate business: It all...