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Smart consumers and the path of opportunity

Commentary: Agent reviews will be done by brokerages, or to them

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By MARC DAVISON My wife typed the words "tire store" into Google. Boom -- results galore (see below). Within 60 minutes she had of run every result through Yelp. Boom -- she had a crowdsourced dossier on every tire place within 20 miles of my home. It was an hour well spent. How consumers roll today She discovered, right off, a simple bait and switch game: tire stores lure consumers in with name brand tires at low prices that are somehow "no longer available", then suggest inferior options. This is kind of a big deal when replacing the only part of your car that touches the ground. I wanted to use the local tire store three blocks away. The convenience of dropping the car off, walking home, and supporting a local business appealed to my sensibilities. Lori showed me their reviews: Two stars. Overpriced. Poor service. Long wait times. Oh my. Had it not been for the voluntary contributions of consumers like me, I never would have discovered... Bob Brown ...