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Social profile aggregators aren’t social

Ultimately, you still have to decide how and where to help the customer

There's been a rash of social profile aggregation services being adopted in real estate business scene over the past couple weeks. Certainly these kinds of services have had an enduring popularity in general, but lately a new crop has entered the usual mix. What are social profile aggregation services? They're simply websites that ask for access to as many of your social profiles as you're willing to give them. Then they scrape in the content you're already giving away to social media sites and use that to populate a sort of social landing page.I say "sort of social" because there really isn't actual interaction that occurs on these sites. Content that's often distributed in a social context -- such as on Twitter or Facebook -- is removed from that context and baked into the social aggregator's landing page.Like aggregation services of all types, the problem that social profile aggregators solve is primarily self-inflicted. Some people are using so many social tools to intera...