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Startup fighting real estate crime with ID verification

Secure Show aimed at protecting both buyers and agents

NEW YORK -- Safety-conscious real estate professionals have a myriad of mobile applications available to them should they find themselves in trouble when meeting an unknown prospect. But a brand-new real estate startup aims to prevent trouble before it starts. Seattle-based Secure Show offers an ID verification service that determines whether the people an agent plans to meet are who they say they are. The service's website launched in beta this week at Real Estate Connect New York City; its verification process will be up in February. Here's how it works: When prospective clients call an agent, the agent can send the prospects a Secure Show link via text or email. The clients register on the company's website and send a picture of themselves and their ID or driver's license taken with their computer's webcam. A third-party authentication service then checks the client's ID against databases containing international passports as well as state-issued IDs and driver's licenses. A ver...