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Saber Blast: Helping agents expand social media reach

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Cultivating a social media presence that is muscular enough to generate leads can be a protracted and time-consuming affair for real estate agents. But aspiring influencers may skid the wheels by getting other social media users, ideally ones with significant clout, to lend them a helping hand.Seizing on this marketing strategy, New York City-based startup Saber Blast, which launched two weeks ago, provides a platform that makes it easy for marketers to forge social media partnerships.     A number of social media platforms allow professionals to closely monitor the activity of users of websites like Facebook and Twitter, and some brands may find them adequate tools for coordinating social media partnerships. Customer relationship management and marketing suites like those provided by SalesForce and Adobe, as well as social media platforms including HootSuite, TweetDeck and Viralheat, already provide real estate agents with some features that could allow them to manage social med...