International reach a must to land high-end listings

Sellers expect listings will be indexed by international search engines in local languages

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By JANET CHOYNOWSKI Think global business is not for you? There might be another way to look at it. Perhaps you are reluctant to work with international buyers because you don't speak any other languages, might not understand their culture, might be embarrassed, or simply think it might be awkward or difficult. These are common and understandable concerns. But as I was reminded just the other day, you can avoid all of those issues and still profit from a global strategy. I had a great conversation about global marketing with an agent in Southern California last week that nearly stopped me in my verbal tracks. Based on his name -- let's call him Carlos -- and accent, I started out with the assumption was that he was probably interested in marketing to Hispanic buyers. Was I ever off the mark! Carlos was intent on attracting trophy listings in his affluent area. Guess what his local sellers wanted to hear about? Marketing aimed at Chinese and other Asian buyers. ...