The demise of the social media ‘rock star’

Some have good advice, but analytics don't support theory of social media rock stardom

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Most people, in their day to day life, probably wouldn't seek out a "rock star" for business advice. Rock stars have a very specific experience of the world and fulfill very specific needs in the human psyche. And that experience and those needs might not be well aligned with business goals. Yet, in social media marketing and to some degree technical marketing in general, there has been the creation and status inflation of "social media rock stars." People who achieve this status present to audiences about their experiences being rock stars, often providing advice on how non-rock stars should alter their business practices. I suspect we're seeing the end of the "rock star" phase of digital marketing. There are several reasons for this, some obvious and others not quite so obvious. In "The Begrudging Death of the Social Media Superstar," Amber Naslund lays out the case for the shifting ground upon which social media rock stars perform. I think it's no accident that Nas...