6-second Twitter videos, 3-D renderings and more #madREskillz

Provide free education and memorialize transactions, participants tweeted

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Memorialize home sales through photos of buyers and sellers, and shower them with free education. Those were recommendations tweeted multiple times for #madREskillz this week, in what was perhaps its most earnest iteration. Some nifty technologies also surfaced during the contest, including cutting-edge 3-D video renderings  produced by James Stanley Designs and Vine, an app that allows you to shoot and tweet six-second looping videos. Oh, and Corcoran revealed that it's absolutely killing it on Tumblr. We explored that social media platform's marketing potential in a post earlier this week, by the way. Scroll through the some of the best entries below, and be sure to vote for the winner on our Facebook page. Do you like the kitten meme below?  ...