Delightful gifts, body painting, branded Smart cars and more #madREskillz

Chinese firm hires women to walk around with listings painted on their backs

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Ever send gifts to tease out referrals? You might want to consider using Buffini and Company's batch of condiments. The present's accompanying note is what really makes it shine. "I just wanted to ketch-up and let you know that I relish your referrals! My clients are the best and always cut the mustard," it reads. If that's little too ho-hum for you, you could also take a page out of the book of one Chinese real estate company and hire beautiful women to strut around with images of listings painted on their bare backs. Seriously, that happened. Scroll through the clickable tweets below to see more of this week's #madREskillz. And don't forget to vote for a winner on our Facebook page. Which of the below do you like the most?   ...