A glimpse into the not-so-distant future

How homebuyers might employ technology we know is coming

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The door of the assisted living facility rotated briskly, releasing a wedge of conditioned air into the humid summer along with Billie. A long black sedan had pulled to the curb moments before. Billie began to mentally prepare for the next part of her day. The first part, visiting her grandmother, was the complicated part. Not that visiting her grandmother was especially troublesome or traumatic as it was for some of her friends. Just that it was complicated in the normal my-grandmother-is-aging-and-so-am-I sort of way. The move from the old house to assisted living had made things much easier. Billie crossed the walkway and exchanged the heat and wet of summer for another air conditioned capsule, the door of the sedan quietly clicking behind her. Her tablet had already wirelessly transferred her destinations for the afternoon and the vehicle was soon in motion. She had the car for a four-hour stretch. It wasn’t cheap but having it reserved gave her a bit of a mobile operati...