Naked Apartments launches scheduling app

Agents can use app to fill downtime, get better leads

New York City rental website Naked Apartments says agents and landlords can use the company’s new “Showings on Demand” scheduling app to fill their downtime and get better-quality leads.

When renters use the app to request a showing, Naked Apartments says it reaches out to its network of more than 3,000 agents and landlords to find one who can show it. Renters are provided directions, an estimate of the commute time to the showing, and an overview of the agent.

The technology is now available for more than 1,000 listings, and Naked Apartments will continue to roll out Showings on Demand to all other listings. A mobile app with full GPS tracking of agents’ locations is in development.

“Showings on Demand solves a major problem in renting: the time it takes to see an apartment,” Naked Apartments CEO Joe Charat said in a statement. “This matters because in New York City, the best apartments rent within hours, and wasting time with the back-and-forth of scheduling a showing can make the difference in landing a can’t-miss apartment.”