When a drone won’t do, you’ll hire a ‘gargoyle’

Reimagining the not-so-distant future

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The dirigibles were easy enough to avoid. Simply stepping out of the way of their ponderous arcs was enough. Clancy had no problem with that. The drones, on the other hand, were trickier. They made noise at least, their eight little rotors whirring and buzzing as they zipped in for close looks here and there. Every now and then one would circle Clancy for a bit. It didn't bother him really -- they were usually just curious and then got back to their task. Every now and then a drone would get piloted by some obnoxious script kiddie and try to get in his way, and that was annoying. But Clancy had an insanely high personal rep score. As a gargoyle, a contractor paid to gather data on location in the real world, having a high personal rep score brought a number of privileges. For example, he was coded for free entry to nearly all properties on the market. And not just during open hours; he had access during all empty hours. Empty hours, when the normal occupants were away, w...