A la mode releases broker lead management tool

Pipeline ROI allows brokers to capture, measure and route leads from any source

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A new Web and mobile tool from real estate software firm a la mode Inc. allows brokers to track, analyze and route leads from any source to their agents. Pipeline ROI can be customized to automatically send leads to specific agents, and provides brokers with a variety of metrics including lead response time, conversion rate, lead value, and closed leads per source. Pipeline provides "answers to critical questions" about brokers' sales, marketing and training processes, allowing brokers to cut expenses that don't pay off, and further invest in areas that do, said Dustin Moore, president of a la mode's real estate solutions division, in a statement. In May, the Naples, Fla.-based firm, which claims to power more than 50 percent of all residential real estate transactions each year in the U.S. with its appraisal, mortgage, inspection, agent and broker software tools, released an agent-focused iPad app that allows agents to access multiple listing service info even when they're no...