Analytics tool pinpoints ROI for broker websites

360 Degree Visibility tool from vFlyer calculates lead conversion rates

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Many brokers are able to track basic metrics like page views and unique visitors, helping them to get a bead on the level of interest that their websites kindle. But such data only sketches a rough picture of a website's effectiveness and fails to capture its true return on investment, according to Aaron Sperling, CEO and president at vFlyer, a marketing services provider for brokers. An analytics tool that vFlyer launched today solves that problem, Sperling said. According to vFlyer, the 360 Degree Visibility tool tracks hyperdetailed metrics that reflect visitor engagement and stitches them together with Google Analytics data to offer a broker a crystal-clear picture of a website's ability to generate leads. Brokers may examine the data to see how often certain site features are converting visitors into leads by tracking actions like contact-info submissions, newsletter subscribes and video plays. By reviewing the data, a broker can identify site weaknesses and make t...