Real estate software company courts lefties with app design

Wise Agent's customer relationship management tool now includes functionality for the left-handed

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When it comes to product design, software companies are often guilty of overlooking one demographic in particular: lefties. But Wise Agent wants to change that. The real estate software provider has just debuted lefty-friendly functionality for its customer relationship management application. The feature works by switching checkboxes for its call-list tool from the right rail of the app to the left rail, making it easier for lefties to manage their calls. Wise Agent CEO Brandon Wise said that company developers hatched the idea after walking by a store called “Lefty's” while touring San Francisco during their stay there for Real Estate Connect. Realizing that tweaking the app’s design to accommodate lefties would be a cinch, they set to it, Wise said. “It was quick,” he said. “I don’t know if it was an hour or three, but it was quick.” Wise said the feature aligns with Wise Agent’s come-on: a devotion to product design and support that enables it...